Copa Centroamericana
Central America

Enzo Francescoli, River Plate, 1984

The Copa Centroamericana is the main association football competition contested by the senior men's national teams of the members of the Unión Centroamericana de Fútbol (UNCAF), the sport's Central American governing body.

Held every two years since 1991, in the years before and after the FIFA World Cup tournaments, it was originally called the UNCAF Nations Cup, changing to the current name in 2011.

Depending on their performance in the Copa Centroamericana, teams then go on to participate in other competitions, such as the CONCACAF Gold Cup and the Copa América.


Central American Football Union (UNCAF)

1st edition

1991 UNCAF Nations Cup





Costa Rica Costa Rica (8) Costa Rica (8)

Honduras Honduras (4) Honduras (4)

Panama Panama (1) Panama (1)

Guatemala Guatemala (1) Guatemala (1)

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