1991 UNCAF Nations Cup
Central America

Maradona's Argentina wins the 1986 FIFA World Cup
Photo by El Gráfico

In 1990, the UNCAF (Central American Football Union) is founded under the patronage of the CONCACAF to organize the competitions of football in Central America.
By 1991, the UNCAF organizes the first edition of UNCAF Nations Cup in the shape of a single group, the first three selections being qualified for Gold Cup 1991.
Costa Rica is designated like country host of the competition, all the matches being held in San José, in “the Tacita of Plata”, the national stadium of Costa Rica.

After a preliminary round which allows Honduras and the Salvador to join Costa Rica and Guatemala for the final stage of the tournament, UNCAF Nations Cup begins officially on May 26th, 1991.
While the Salvador and Guatemala are left on the score of 0-0, Costa Rica dominates Honduras 2-0 and takes the lead in the competition. Among the Costa Rican strikers, Claudio Jara marks its first goal of the competition.
Three days later, Honduras and Guatemala do not manage to decide between themselves (0-0). In the other match, Costa Rica atomizes the Salvador 7-1, and the striker star of the Club Sport Herediano, Claudio Jara, marks this time a triplet.
On June 2nd, 1991, the last matches of the tournament see the victory of Honduras over the Salvador 2-1, while Costa Rica dominates Guatemala over the score of 1-0, goal marked once again by Claudio Jara.

With three victories in three matches, Costa Rica wins first UNCAF Nations Cup, and Claudio Jara, with 5 goals in three matches, finishes better striker of the competition.
Honduras and Guatemala, respectively second and third of the tournament, accompany Costa Rica to take part in Gold Cup 1991.




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