MC Alger

1974 FIFA World Cup Final, Netherlands 1-2 West Germany
Photo by Bert Verhoeff / Anefo CC BY 4.0




Omar Hamadi Stadium, Algiers

Honours | Tournament

Algerian Cup (8)

2015-16 Algerian Cup 2013-14 Algerian Cup 2006-07 Algerian Cup 2005-06 Algerian Cup 1982-83 Algerian Cup 1975-76 Algerian Cup 1972-73 Algerian Cup 1970-71 Algerian Cup

CAF Champions League (1)

1976 African Cup of Champions Clubs

Maghreb Cup Winners Cup (2)

1973-74 Maghreb Cup Winners Cup 1971-72 Maghreb Cup Winners Cup

Super Cup (3)

2014 Super Cup 2007 Super Cup 2006 Super Cup
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