Suwon Samsung Bluewings
South Korea

Enzo Francescoli, River Plate, 1984


South Korea


World Cup Stadium, Suwon

Honours | Tournament

AFC Champions League (2)

2001-02 Asian Club Championship 2000-01 Asian Club Championship

Asian Super Cup (2)

2002 Asian Super Cup 2001 Asian Super Cup

FA Cup (5)

2019 Hana Bank FA Cup 2016 Hana Bank FA Cup 2010 Hana Bank FA Cup 2009 Hana Bank FA Cup 2002 Hana Seoul Bank FA Cup

League Cup (6)

2008 Samsung Hauzen Cup 2005 Samsung Hauzen Cup 2001 Adidas Cup 2000 Adidas Cup 1999 Daehan Fire Insurance Cup 1999 Adidas Cup

Honours | Championship

K League Classic (4)

2008 K League 2004 K League 1999 K League 1998 K League
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