Paraguay National Football Team

Gianluigi Buffon, Italy, 2006 FIFA World Cup winner
Photo by ForzaJuve2019 CC BY-SA 4.0




Estadio Defensores del Chaco, Asunción

Honours | Tournament

Artigas Cup (1)

Boquerón Cup (1)

Centenary Cup (1)

Copa América (2)

Copa Paz del Chaco (5)

1995 Copa Paz del Chaco 1991 Copa Paz del Chaco 1980 Copa Paz del Chaco 1977 Copa Paz del Chaco 1963 Copa Paz del Chaco

Félix Bogado Cup (2)

1983 Félix Bogado Cup 1977 Félix Bogado Cup

Lunar New Year Cup (1)

Nelson Mandela Challenge Cup (1)

Peace Cup (1)

Rosa Chevallier Boutell Cup (3)

1945 Rosa Chevallier Boutell Cup 1925 Rosa Chevallier Boutell Cup 1923 Rosa Chevallier Boutell Cup

Trompowski Cup (1)

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