Confederation of African Football (CAF)

1st edition

1992 CAF Cup





JS Kabylie (3)JS Kabylie (3)

2002 CAF Cup 2001 CAF Cup 2000 CAF Cup

Étoile du Sahel (2)ES Sahel (2)

1999 CAF Cup 1995 CAF Cup

Raja Club Athletic (1)Raja CA (1)

2003 CAF Cup

CS Sfaxien (1)CS Sfaxien (1)

1998 CAF Cup

Espérance de Tunis (1)ES Tunis (1)

1997 CAF Cup

Kawkab Marrakech (1)K. Marrakech (1)

1996 CAF Cup

Bendel Insurance (1)B. Insurance (1)

1994 CAF Cup

Stella Club (1)Stella Club (1)

1993 CAF Cup

Shooting Stars (1)S. Stars (1)

1992 CAF Cup
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